Google Plus Activity for WordPress

Google Plus activity list all of the activities in the specified collection for a particular user.

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Google Plus activity list all of the activities in the specified collection for a particular user.

Simply it display feeds of any user but one thing to remember you can display public posts or feeds on your website only.

Some remarkable feature of Google Plus Activity

1) It’s simple

2) Very easy to use.

3) Documentation Available with images

4) Responsive

5) Easily customizable. We have set classes everywhere to help you out.

6) It uses Google Plus own API library – No third party library.

7) 24/7 Supports Available


Thanks for installing Google Plus Activity Plugin. This is a wordpress widget plugin.

Configuration Fields:

1. Google Plus User ID :-

Numeric ID of your Google Plus Profile

To find your google plus id follow the below steps.

Go to your profile or the ones you like to display on sidebar

Something like this.

Find one of their post and hover over their name or image using mouse.

Right click the mouse and copy the link url

Something like this URL will be copied (upone placed this on notepad).

The numeric numbers are your Google Plus User ID.

2. Google Plus API Key :-

Create a New Project – give it a name and then save

Now you have to Enable Google+ Api First. To do that first click on the project you have just created. Sign agreement if required or being asked. Now see the left menu set. Click on API & Auth – find Google+ Api and set it On

Now from left click on Credentials – Click Button name “CREATE NEW KEY” – Select Browser key – give domain name if want – the domain name you will set the key will only accessible from that domain.

Copy the API Key and paste in to your Joomla module field name API Key

3. Max Number of Google Post :-

No of Max post you like to display

4. Maximum Width :-

Maximum width of your module in pixel.

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